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Take Advantage of My Years of Experience Obtained after Profitably spending more than ₹7 Crores in Amazon PPC Ads Without Having to Lift A Finger

Crush your sales goals on Amazon with Refined Amazon PPC Ads Tailored For Your Business

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Ali has helped some of the fastest-growing Amazon brands all over the world with Amazon PPC management

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Here’s what Ali will do for you in the PPC Acceleration service

The traditional type of PPC on Amazon is called Sponsored Products. These ads show up in the search results and on competitor listings. Ali is an expert at strategizing and optimizing for the best outcomes. We utilize keyword targeting, product targeting, and/or category targeting where appropriate.

Sponsored Brands ads (previously called Headline Search Ads) are highly effective when used correctly. These ads allow you to showcase 3 of your products in a single ad, while also promoting your brand. Ali will implement and optimizes these ads toward a profitable ACoS.

Sponsored Display on Seller Central is a new feature that is currently in beta mode for certain sellers. This type of ad campaign allows product remarketing off of Amazon.

For Vendor Central accounts, AMS provides Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ad opportunities, plus Product Display ads. Ali will implement and optimize these campaigns to increase PO quantity and frequency.

Ali Lokhandwala will help you with :

Combining the art of sales with science :

From : Ali Lokhandwala

Amazon Ads are no joke!

It’s not your fault that you find it tough to run your Amazon Ads profitably.
So many of my clients come to me after wasting tons of money by trying out amazon ads all by themselves.

Let me share some insights on why people lose money on Amazon PPC.
Take notes because this is raw value.

To win at Amazon eCommerce, a seller needs both an intuitive understanding of buyer behavior and the ability to understand complex data.
Numbers express exactly the how, what, when, and where of buyer behavior.

But only experience can answer the “why” of buyer behavior.
It’s my job to understand what the numbers are saying using calculus and experience to answer who the customers are and why they buy.

Once we define and understand the audience, we can target and sell to them with scope and precision.

Here’s what you can expect from PPC Accelerator program

Ali will bring down the Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) by eliminating the negative keywords with a key focus on parameters like match type, bid amount, relevance, and competition.

With my powerful Amazon keyword research tools, Ali will identify and target all the possible keywords and customer search terms for your products, for maximum visibility.

With regular optimization and refining, Ali will improve your campaign’s performance with time and position your business for increased Amazon PPC sales.


Hi, I am Ali Lokhandwala. I am India’s Leading and Most Followed and Trusted Amazon FBA Trainer. When I started my Amazon journey 4 years ago there was no one to guide me. Back then it was all trial and error.

In 4 years of my experience selling and running ads globally, I felt running amazon ads is the trickiest part of all. If done right it can help you scale faster but if done wrong it might result in huge losses!

I have generated combined sales of more than 50+ Crore rupees for my clients and me. I have been training, guiding, and consulting businesses and individuals to Sell on Amazon for the past 2 years and I have successfully trained more than 3000+ businesses in India to take their business to new heights on Amazon.

Along my journey, I made huge losses and learned from mistakes and I am assured that I can prevent you from making the same mistakes that cost me lakhs of rupees.

Can you believe these interesting facts about Ali Lokhandwala?

Total Ads Spend For All Clients Combined: Over ₹12 Crore in 2021

Current Per Month Amazon Ads Spend: Over ₹35+ Lakhs for X stores

Current Monthly Revenue Generated: Over ₹3+ Crores per month


  • Place ads for your products directly on competitor listings;
  • Protect your listings with defensive campaigns;
  • Cross-promote your portfolio of products on your own listings.
  • 82% of purchases occur on page one of search results;
  • Own the real estate at the top of page one;
  • Maximize your exposure to high-intent shoppers and boost sales as a result
  • Higher sales and profitability
  • Greater exposure of your brand
  • And countless hours of your time saved!

More than 52 brands trust PPC Accelerator

Here’s what some of them have to say

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions that often come across. You may find them useful.

A) Once you fill in all the details and apply for the PPC Accelerator services, Ali will personally reach out to you on your mobile or email if you qualify.

A) Once all the requested details have been given, it would take about 24 hours for the first set of campaigns to go live.

A) Ali Lokhanwala, himself, works at the strategic level on all the accounts — big or small. However, the manual executions are done by the turn under his supervision.

A) Even when we set up your accounts, you are the Super Admin of your accounts. There’s nothing to hide or manipulate, you always have complete access to everything.

A) No, presently, Ali does not create Amazon listings or provide Amazon SEO. He focuses only on Amazon ads.

A) All reports will be delivered to you on WhatsApp. You also have access to a reporting dashboard which you can access anytime to check the metrics of your choice.

A) It depends on your existing accounts’ performance history. If there’s no history, the ideal length is 4 weeks. However, it can start the next day as well.

A) No, the daily ad budget will always be borne by the client. My service charges do NOT include your daily ad spend/budget.

A) No, presently Ali offers his services on a yearly basis only. It is convenient for the clients.

A) Ali Lokhanwala will be the direct point of contact. You can reach him directly for any queries or questions. However, if you need an account manager, that is possible too. Executions are done by the team under his supervision.

A) No, there’s no additional fee for the audit report

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