Know how to build a 7 figure Amazon Business in just 3 months for a limited time @ ₹3,999/- only

From Beginner to Pro: A Step-by-Step Amazon Selling Masterclass to Boost Your Sales

Transform Your Life and Create a Lifestyle of Freedom and Flexibility with a Scalable and Passive Amazon Business – No Prior Skills or Products Needed!

Transform Your Life and Create a Lifestyle of Freedom and Flexibility with a Scalable and Passive Amazon Business – No Prior Skills or Products Needed!

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  30 Day Money Back Gaurantee  

Enroll in the Ultimate Amazon Selling Masterclass today and take advantage of our 30-day, unconditional money-back guarantee. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you execute all of the recommended strategies and do not achieve results, we will not only refund your course fees, but also any investments made in establishing your Amazon FBA business. This investment-back guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the efficacy and impact of our course. Don’t miss this no-risk opportunity to acquire invaluable knowledge and skills.


  1. Account Creation Process
  2. Account Health
  3. Deals & Coupons
  4. GTIN Exemption
  5. Calculating Exact Net Profit
  6. Product Research
  7. All About Fees
  8. All About Returns
  9. Listing Creation
  10. Listing Optimization
  11. Keyword – Research & Tool
  12. All About Logistics
  13. FBA Registration Process
  14. FBA Shipment Creation
  15. All About Campaigns
  16. All About Reports
  17. Do The Undone Strategy
  18. Advanced Product Research
  19. Exact Master Product Reasearch Method That Made Me 7,48,000 Rs Net Profit Per Month In Total
  20. exact advertising strategy which made me 2,29,480 rs net profit
  21. an advanced guide to wholesaling
  22. how to create a caselog on amazon in just 5 minutes
  23. product research without any paid tools
  24. advanced bundling strategy revealed and explained!
  25. Brand Registry
  26. deals, discounts & promotions
  27. objectives of campaigns
  1. Advanced keyword research in just 3 minutes
  2. auto campaign bombing
  3. auto or no-auto
  4. everything about variations
  5. false suggestions by amazon
  6. integrated profit calculations
  7. psychology behind amazon ads
  8. resolve any error while uplaoding FLAT FILE
  9. should i stop my ads?
  10. ultimate guide to launching a product on amazon
  11. what does scaling mean to me?
  12. what is more broader? keyword or ASIN?

1. Product research

    • keyword product research method
    • blackbox product research method
    • reverse engineering product research method
    • bestseller product research
    • product research criteria sheet

2. Product validation

    • product validation sheet

3. sourcing

    • 3 platforms to find chinese suppliers
    • what to ask to chinese suppliers
    • managing relations
    • work with us to import

4. brand kit development

    • brand kit development

5. launch 

    • amazon a10 algorithm
    • amazon SEO, 2023
    • sales velocity manipulation
  1. introduction to ads 
  2. understanding your product
  3. PPC danger signs
  4. tools recommendation
  5. auto campaigns
  6. 3 tiered approach
  7. manual campaigns
  8. organizational structure and desired results
  9. campaign budget opimization
  10. 10 ASIN level interpretation
  11. search term evaluation
  12. launching campaigns
  13. aggresive approach campaigns
  14. b grouping method
  15. MCA part1
  16. MCA part 2
  17. mCA pT
  18. analyzing campaign
  19. analyzing campaign part 2
  20. MC advanced approach
  21. Pda advanced PDA advanced part 2
  22. placement stats
  23. critical things and placement stats
  24. co-relation placement and dynamic bidding
  1. figure product researh which can never fail – 10,000 rupees giveaway
  2. 99% of amazon product will not sell without this… (10,000 rs + dfu giveaway at the end)
  3. [live] advance amazon fba research technique revealed – sell on amazon in 2023
  4. [live] advance product research for sellers on amazon (10,000 rs giveaway contest)
  5. amazon advanced product research with ali lokhandwala
  6. amazon product research that can make you a millionaire – sell on amazon
  7. how to filter winning product to sell on amazon india (10,000 rs giveaway)
  8. how to make 20 lakhs per month on amazon with advanced product research
  9. negotiating with chinese companies and suppliers like a pro with ali lokhandwala
  10. rabbit hole strategy to find a winning product on amazon by ali lokhandwala
  11. how to find hyper – profitable product for amazon sellers with ali lokhandwala
  12. how to research a hyper – profitable product for amazon sellers in 2023 live by sunday 3 pm
  13. how to research a hyper – profitable product for amazon sellers in 2023 live with ali lokhandwala
  14. hyper – profitableadvanced product research for amazon sellers with ali lokhandwala
  15. hyper – profitable product research for amazon sellers with ali lokhandwala

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About Me

Hi, I am Ali Lokhandwala. I am India’s Leading and Most Followed and Trusted Amazon FBA Trainer who not only sells programs but delivers true content on YouTube and IG with Live actual case studies. I have faced losses and learned from mistakes which I am assured that I can help others prevent making.

I have been an Amazon FBA Seller for the past 4 years. I am also selling globally on Amazon USA for the last 2 years have generated combined sales of more than 50+ Crore rupees. I have been training, guiding and consulting businesses and individuals to Sell on Amazon for the past 2 years and to this day I have successfully trained more than 3000+ businesses in India to take their business to another height on Amazon.

Generated 6+ Lakhs Consistently Everyday and Crossed 1.8+ Crores in 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to start selling on Amazon right away on completion of this course. It will equip you with advanced techniques which you would have never heard of. It will assist you right from account creation all the way to hitting 500+ orders a day.

If you give 3 hours a week, you will be able to complete the course in 1 month. This is a recorded course in HINDI and ENGLISH that will have a lifetime validity and can be accessed from a mobile phone or a laptop. The participants will get priority chat support.

Anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur can learn. I started off with Amazon at the age of 17. So, age is not a barrier. You do not need any prior experience or technical knowledge. All you need is the will to act. The results will be exciting. Also, the course is much suitable for those looking to grow their passive income with minimal effort.

When I started out, I had to struggle a lot and was a victim of incorrect information out
there all over the internet. After spending a handful of amounts on learning, I did not get good results. My actual learning came from real-life selling. My intention is to provide this valuable information that “ACTUALLY WORKS” at an affordable cost to the aspirants at a nominal rate so that they do not fall prey to this vicious cycle of misinformation.

I feel that being an Amazon Seller is the best thing one can do right now given the fact that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world, having 310 million-plus active customers. This business gives you flexibility in your work allowing you to earn 24×7 and earn money while you sleep. It’s one of the largest search engines even better than google because people have the greatest buying intent and are ready with their wallets to pay when they find what they are looking for.

Once the payment is done you will be asked with some basic information like your name and state. Once you send that you will get a link where you will have to fill out the form. Once that is done you will get a link to access the course. You will also get a mobile application to watch the videos.

You will surely get LIFETIME ACCESS AND VALIDITY to the course but it would only be able to be accessed from ONE DEVICE.
Also, the course is NOT AVAILABLE FOR IOS and MAC Devices.

This course is the result of my 3+ years of experience and 2 months of course recordings. I have given the best content in this course. Most courses out there are based on specific topics but this is the Ultimate Amazon Selling Masterclass throwing off all that you need to know to be a pro at this game.

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know how to build a 7 figure Amazon Business in just 3 months.
Take this masterclass at ₹ 3,999/-

For a limited time only.

Learn how to build a 7 figure Amazon Business in just 3 months for a limited time @ ₹3,999/

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