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Seize the opportunity to earn in $, €, £ & KD. Learn how to tap into Amazon’s global marketplaces and sell to customers worldwide. Build your business from home without borders.

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Here’s What You’ll master by the end of this course

Amazon selling is not a rocket science, you just need to know some core

Early Reviewer Program

Introduction and implementation of the early reviewer program for enhanced product reviews.

Unlocking Vine Review

Discover the ins and outs of the vine review program – what it is, when to use it, and how to maximize its benefits.

Mastering Keyword Indexing

Gain expertise in keyword indexing and learn effective strategies for monitoring and optimizing it.

A+ Content Manager Mastery

Delve into the comprehensive A+ content manager for creating compelling product listings.

Auto Campaigning Essentials

Get a complete walkthrough for creating effective auto campaigns, understand their uses, and optimize for success.

PPC Terminologies

Detailed insights into PPC and advertising terminologies to navigate campaigns with confidence.

Manual Campaigning Strategies

Learn the art of manual campaigning with a step-by-step walkthrough to create professional campaigns.

Pro Tips for Acos% Optimization

Optimize your Advertising and PPC like a pro with expert tips for Acos% optimization.

In-Depth Retail Readiness

Explore the detailed aspects of retail readiness to ensure your products are market-ready.

Sponsored Display Strategies

Unleash the power of sponsored display and retargeting video ads for increased visibility and sales

Techniques in Product Launch

Dive into advanced strategies for product launches, understanding the intricacies of driving successful launches on Amazon.

Master Conversion Optimization

Learn the secrets of optimizing product listings for maximum conversion, turning clicks into valuable sales.

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Rated By 10K+ Students

#1 Beginner Modules

Here's what you'll learn in beginner module

  1. Master the account creation process
  2. Dive into a discussion on investment requirements
  1. Explore top amazon tools for research
  2. Follow a simplified, step-by-step research process
  3. Witness live product research and validation examples
  1. Utilize leading amazon tools for comprehensive research
  2. Navigate a simplified step-by-step process
  3. Learn from live product research and validation examples
  1. Discover how to find suppliers on top platforms
  2. Learn effective methods for communication
  3. Access a supplier contact template
  4. Prepare effectively before messaging a supplier
  5. Master the art of communicating with suppliers in just five minutes
  6. Receive ten PRO Tips for effective communication
  7. Manage data to avoid mistakes and miscommunication
  8. Understand the process workflow of communication
  1. Dive into the world of logo designing
  2. Explore the brand box with a super review template
  3. Receive tips for creating an eye-catching brand box
  1. Follow a step-by-step listing creation method
  2. Understand the listing creation process workflow
  3. Utilize a pro tool – helium 10
  4. Optimize your listing like a pro
  5. Master the art of photography and its processing
  6. Explore magnetic photography techniques to outshine your competition
  1. Simplify the most complex fee structures
  2. Gain guidance on accounting and record-keeping
  3. Learn a step-by-step method to calculate net profits
  1. Navigate the shipment creation process
  2. Identify and avoid common mistakes that could save you lakhs of rupees
  1. Demystify purchase order (PO) with a detailed explanation
  2. Access a PO Template for your convenience

Rated By 10K+ Students

#2 Advance Modules

Here's what you'll learn in advance module

  1. The right way to get your product inspection done
  2. The exact filters on alibaba that ali lokhandwala uses to find the best suppliers
  3. Negotiation tips for alibaba
  4. Advanced supplier negotiation hacks
  1. UPCs + FNSKUs explained
  2. Hijackers on your listing – The fastest way to remove them
  3. Real brand building – dominate your competition
  4. Keyword research and PPP
  5. Attention-grabbing title framing
  6. Bullet points that sell big
  7. Magnetic images that stick in customers’ heads.
  8. Optimizing images for google ranking.
  1. Getting product samples and the next steps.
  2. Critical points to keep in mind while sourcing the product.
  3. Mistakes to avoid with enhanced brand content
  4. All product packaging and designing
  5. Brand registry
  6. Placing your first inventory order and the next steps
  7. Managing inventory and mathematics behind it
  1. Critical guidelines for managing your seller central account

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Meet Your Mentor

ali’s journey to amazon mastery

During Early Days, Like many aspiring entrepreneurs Ali faced a multitude of challenges, from product selection to sourcing and import regulations. But Ali was determined to turn his Amazon venture into a resounding success.

In Past 5+ Years, He tirelessly developed tools and systems that streamlined the process of identifying and sourcing high-profit products. Through relentless trial and error, he refined his methodology, forging a path to success that was both effective and replicable.


Products Launched

40 Cr+

Of Goods Sold


Brands Managed & Scaled

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The masterclass is designed for individuals at all levels, from beginners to experienced sellers, aiming to maximize their success on the Amazon global marketplace.

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No prior experience is required. Whether you’re a beginner or have some e-commerce background, the course provides insights and strategies suitable for all levels.

The duration may vary based on individual learning pace, but on average, participants can complete the masterclass in approximately 2 weeks. The course structure is designed for flexibility.

Participants receive ongoing support through community forums, and dedicated support channels. Even after completing the course, you’ll have access to updated content and ongoing support.

Yes, participants get lifetime access to the course material. This allows you to revisit the content, access updates, and stay informed about the latest strategies in amazon selling.