Ali Lokhandwala

let us source products, plan & help you launch Amazon business within 2 months

Get a personalized product planned and shipped for you and achieve your amazon FBA business dream within 2 months

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply


made for every level

need to launch a business or looking for expert guidance?

Get hands-on guidance from a team specializing in your journey—from product idea, import, to a successful Amazon launch.

Have no idea how to get started on amazon?

Don’t worry! from product idea, importing products to launch we’ll help you!

have low confidence on which product to choose

Our experts with 5+ yrs of experience make sure you get a winning product

don’t know how to get products imported safely

Our fool-proof system will help you import your products safely & secure

losing motivation in the long process of launch?

Get live support & a customer success manager assigned for just your business!

Don’t Know How To Identify Red Flags?​

Our team makes sure to double-check every step so you don’t face any issues

not sure of paying 100% product & shipping fee upfront?

Pay only 30% upfront before shipping ,so your capital can be invested elsewhere!

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply


a streamlined way to launch your amazon business


Initiate an onboarding meeting to understand your business goals, budget, and expectations.
We create a user persona to understand your needs and goals better.

Educational Videos

Receive a set of pre-recorded educational videos covering all aspects of the Amazon seller business, enhancing your understanding.
Go through our pre-recorded content after which we do a 1:1 doubt clearing session

Product Research

Benefit from expert-led product research to identify potential winners suited to your business and budget.
our experts present product idea for you

Confirmation and Shipping

we present the winning product idea to you, confirm it & we’ll ship it for you
confirm the product and 30% payment, after which we ship the product (usually takes 40 days)

Product Launch Assistance

Collaborate on launching the product with the support of the mentorship program, ensuring a successful market entry.
As the shipping process starts we start strategizing the launch plan where we go through every detail

product launch & on going support

Once the product is sent to your warehouse Receive continuous support, including live chat assistance and a dedicated customer success manager committed to your business.
As the shipping process starts we start strategizing the launch plan where we go through every detail

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply

why mentorship?

stress-free way to start your successful amazon business

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply

all in one package

get lifetime Access all our paid courses with mentorship

Courses Tailored for Every Level, from Students, Working Professionals to Seasoned Sellers

Amazon India Masterclass Thumbnail

amazon india

New to amazon or want to grow more? This course is perfect for you. Learn the secrets to go from ₹0 to ₹30 Lakh in just 7 months!


Free Access

Amazon Global Masterclass Thumbnail

amazon global masterclass

Whether you’re dreaming of earning in international currencies or a seller looking to expand globally. We’ll help you achieve it!


Free Access

Amazon Advertising Masterclass Thumbnail

amazon advertising masterclass

From optimizing ad campaigns to reducing costs, our comprehensive course equips you with the latest strategies for maximizing your sales.


Free Access

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Profitable Product Import

Leverage Ali’s product selection process, developed through years of trial and error, ensuring you avoid any unnecessary losses.


Free Access

all in one package

weekly 1:1 meetings with customer success team

Get weekly 1:1 meetings with ali

all in one package

private community

Get weekly 1:1 meetings with ali

You Need to have at least 7+ lakhs budget to apply

Meet Your Mentor

ali’s journey to amazon mastery

During Early Days, Like many aspiring entrepreneurs Ali faced a multitude of challenges, from product selection to sourcing and import regulations. But Ali was determined to turn his Amazon venture into a resounding success.

In Past 5+ Years, He tirelessly developed tools and systems that streamlined the process of identifying and sourcing high-profit products. Through relentless trial and error, he refined his methodology, forging a path to success that was both effective and replicable.


Products Launched

40 Cr+

Of Goods Sold


Brands Managed & Scaled

NOT generic zoom sessions, get personalized assistance

Enjoy personalized 1-on-1 calls tailored to your unique needs and goals

live zoom interaction

Engage in real-time interactions through live zoom video calls, ensuring immediate feedback and support.

Unlimited Mentorship

Access ali's expertise whenever you need it, whether through zoom, messenger, text, or email.

Risk-Free Importation

Navigate the complexities of international product importation with Ali's guidance, minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply

solutions for everyone

learn each and every aspect of a successful amazon business

Challenges that both newcomers and experts encounter—rest assured, we’ve got solutions for them all.

how to find winning product

Learn cutting-edge techniques Ali employs to identify high-potential products destined for long-term success.

how to Reach #1 in search

Secrets of successful product launches, little-known launching strategies to get your product to page 1.

master suppliers relationship

Master the art of finding and vetting reliable suppliers, proven negotiation tactics to secure the best prices and products.

automate your business

Streamline your operations by automating processes and directly shipping products to amazon warehouses.

how to identify red flags

Learn how to avoid red flags, safeguarding yourself from potential pitfalls when dealing with international suppliers.

master Listings that Sell

Implement strategies used by ali to create listings that captivate buyers and dominate the market.

Negotiation Mastery

Learn proven tactics and exact phrases for successful negotiations with suppliers.

Review Acquisition

Secret formula for quickly generating initial reviews and employing unique techniques to protect them from removal.

how to reclaim lost returns

Understand the process of retrieving thousands of dollars owed by amazon due to returns.

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply

what are you waiting for?

let us do the heavy lifting & help in launching your profitable business!

Get a personalized product planned and shipped for you and achieve your amazon FBA business dream within 2 months

You Need to have at least 7 Lakhs of budget to apply


A minimum budget of 7-10 lakhs is required for investment & your dedication to learn the process.

Based on your budget, we gradually add and restock more products. The program ensures hands-on support, including weekly calls, to guide you through launching and growing your business.

It’s not just a training; we actively assist you in launching your product and business. We provide product ideas, guide you through the launch process, and offer continuous support. All videos and resources are accessible for a lifetime.

We have trusted suppliers, and stringent measures are in place to keep your product information confidential.

The program is designed to expedite the learning curve, helping you launch in just two months. We provide insights to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can cost valuable time and money.

We offer live chat support and assign a dedicated customer success manager to focus solely on your business.

The onboarding includes an initial meeting to set goals and expectations. We provide pre-recorded videos for foundational knowledge. Weekly meetings, product research, and shipping are part of the ongoing process.

Ali will use his methods to research, validate and source a highly profitable product and the idea will be shared to student.

Yes, the program is structured to benefit both beginners and those looking to scale their existing amazon business.