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Amazon India Masterclass

Finally, A Proven System to Crush it on Amazon

Learn the secrets of finding hot products, optimizing listings, and scaling your FBA business. The strategy real sellers don’t want you to know.

this course is perfect for you if you’re...

Confused about how to launch/scale your business

Discover how to launch, scale and learn proven methods to optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales.

Unable to find a profitable product to sell?

Learn in-depth knowledge of product research, selection & Strategies for efficient and risk-free product sourcing

Struggling to achieve 100+ daily orders?

If you already run an amazon business but struggling to get sales then this masterclass will help you get 100+ sales every single day.

Rated By 10K+ Students

Here’s What You’ll master by the end of this course

Basic Amazon account setup to complete dashboard overview.

Learn how top 1% sellers do product research & selection.

Gain knowledge about right sourcing techniques.

Step-by-step plan to brand kit development & listing creation

Get to know all registrations and mandatory requirements

How to run profitable ads and do a successful product launch

trusted by 10,000+ entrepreneurs

top 3 reasons to start selling on amazon 🇮🇳

Unlock access to diverse consumer bases & boost your revenue streams!


Over 4,000 Amazon products are sold per minute and 10+ Lakh sellers are currently active on Amazon India


Amazon Seller Services' income grew from Rs 10,847.6 crore (FY 2020) to Rs 16,200 crore (FY 2021).


Amazon Has 100+ million registered users. and has a market share of 30% in the Indian e-commerce market

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Rated By 10K+ Students

#1 Beginner Modules

Here is everything you’ll learn in beginner module

  1. How to create an account
  2. Step by step GST registration process
  3. Documents requirement
  1. How to monitor and improve account health
  2. The right way to Buy Box
  3. What are ODR, LDR, and PCR, and how these can help you.
  4. Deals, coupons, and ad manager
  5. Getting GTIN registration/exemption without brand registry
  1. Inventory storage fee
  2. Return fee
  3. Product commission
  4. Referral fee
  5. Shipping fee
  6. Closing fee
  1. Reduction tips – how to reduce return rates.
  2. Filing safe-t claims
  3. Avoiding a-to-z guarantee claims
  1. Using flat file for listing
  2. Listing optimization
  3. Best keywords research tools and methods to get the best results.
  4. How to rank your product at #1 on amazon.
  5. Getting “amazon’s choice” for your product
  6. Two secret method to get bestseller quickly.
  1. FBA registration
  2. APOB registration
  3. Shipment creation
  4. Appointments
  5. Pricing
  1. Ads manager – in detail
  2. Auto campaigns
  3. Keyword campaigns
  4. Advanced keyword research and analysis for your listings.
  1. GST and accounting
  2. MTR reports
  3. Hiring an accountant
  4. Payment reports
  5. Seller fee invoices
  6. Campaign manager
  7. Ads manager – in detail
  8. Auto campaigns
  9. Keyword campaigns
  10. Advanced keyword research and analysis for your listings.
  1. How to select a shipping partner/courier agency
  2. Tying up with logistic companies
  3. Reducing shipping costs
  4. Integration with amazon
  5. FBA
  6. FBA registration
  7. APOB registration
  8. Shipment creation
  9. Appointments
  10. Pricing

Rated By 10K+ Students

#2 Advance Modules

Here is everything you’ll learn in advance module

  1. Amazon PPC masterclass: introduction to training program
  2. Understanding your product in amazon PPC masterclass
  1. Amazon PPC danger signs: preparing for successful ad campaigns
  2. Top tools recommendations for amazon sellers: optimize your ACOS%
  1. Optimizing amazon auto campaigns: key insights
  2. Mastering the 3 campaigns structure for competitive edge
  3. Running manual keyword and product campaigns: outsmarting competitors
  4. Simplifying amazon campaign management: essential tips
  1. Optimizing campaign level budget: mind-blowing techniques
  2. Interpreting ASIN for campaign management: unconventional insights
  1. Evaluating search terms reports like a PRO in amazon PPC
  1. Launching a product on amazon: proper PPC campaign structure
  2. Fighting competitors aggressively: launch strategies on amazon
  1. Unlocking the power of manual campaigns for 5-10% ACOS!
  2. Mind-Blowing technique for finding keywords in amazon campaigns
  1. Clearing confusion: analyzing amazon PPC campaigns
  2. Understanding, analyzing, and optimizing amazon PPC advertising campaigns
  3. Advanced manual campaign techniques for amazon sellers
  1. Sponsored product ads: making competitors cry!
  2. Boosting conversion with sponsored product targeting ads
  1. Placement statistics: a game changer for amazon sellers
  2. Top of the search placement: magic for amazon campaigns
  1. Understanding dynamic bidding and placement stats correlation in amazon ads

Rated By 10K+ Students

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Brand Infringement Warning Template

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Net Profit Calculator

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Price & Quantity Template

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Refund Adjustment Template

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Shipment Level Checklist

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Meet Your Mentor

ali’s journey to amazon mastery

During Early Days, Like many aspiring entrepreneurs Ali faced a multitude of challenges, from product selection to sourcing and import regulations. But Ali was determined to turn his Amazon venture into a resounding success.

In Past 5+ Years, He tirelessly developed tools and systems that streamlined the process of identifying and sourcing high-profit products. Through relentless trial and error, he refined his methodology, forging a path to success that was both effective and replicable.


Products Launched

40 Cr+

Of Goods Sold


Brands Managed & Scaled

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The masterclass is designed for individuals at all levels, from beginners to experienced sellers, aiming to maximize their success on the Amazon India marketplace.

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No, we do not offer any refunds on any of our courses and services.

No prior experience is required. Whether you’re a beginner or have some e-commerce background, the course provides insights and strategies suitable for all levels.

The duration may vary based on individual learning pace, but on average, participants can complete the masterclass in approximately 2 weeks. The course structure is designed for flexibility.

Participants receive ongoing support through community forums, and dedicated support channels. Even after completing the course, you’ll have access to updated content and ongoing support.

Yes, participants get lifetime access to the course material. This allows you to revisit the content, access updates, and stay informed about the latest strategies in amazon selling.